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Litchfields Top 3 Swimming Locations

Plus what you need to know when visiting

Whether you live in Darwin, or are visiting on holiday, there’s no doubt you will have plans to visit Litchfield National Park for your next swimming adventure. We have picked the top 3 locations, Wangi Falls, Florence Falls and Buley Rock Hole and ranked them in order. So if you’re wondering where to go, what the hotspots are, best places to relax & avoid the crowds, take your kids or to be able to sit down and enjoy lunch, don’t stress, we have done the hard work for you.

#1. Wangi Falls

One of the National Parks most popular falls, so expect larger crowds of buses on popular days. Regardless, Wangi Falls is well and truly large enough for the crowds it seems to attract in the peak seasons.

The falls are spectacular, and the large plunge pool is popular with locals and tourists alike. On arriving, a general store sits off the main track with refreshing drinks, ice cream and meals. Public toilets are available, and there are also plenty of publis barbeques and tables for eating.

Wangi is commonly ranked as the best swimming hole in the whole of Australia! As you enter the water, the high cliff walls become more increasingly daunting the closer you get, especially when the waterfalls are almost falling down on top of you.

If you’re feeling adventurous, or spending the day here, definitely take the treetop loop walk near the waterfall, you may even get to see some of the wildlife that inhabits the area.

Don’t stress about crocodiles either, despite the signs. The park rangers do an amazing job of ensuring the area is safe. In the wet season, Wangi is closed and is only reopened once the area is marked safe by the local rangers, generally around April.

Best for:

  • Swimming
  • Amazing views
  • Wildlife
  • Large walking tracks
  • Easy access

What to bring:

Take sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent. Good walking shoes for the track, and we recommend swimming noodles to help you float around the enormous plunge pool.

How to get there?

Wangi is about 30 minutes past Buley Rock Holes, so expect it to take 2 hours from Darwin City, but the extra bit of travel is definitely worthwhile once you get there!

#2. Florence Falls

As you may have read, there’s a viewing platform that gives you an stunning view looking down to the waterfalls just before you start your descent. There is about 120 stairs to get to the actual water hole and falls, but don’t let this put you off! It’s not too difficult although not suitable for those in wheelchairs or those with strollers.

Once get get down and below the canopy, even on a hot day it is a lovely, cool spot to escape the heat. Find yourself a large rocks platform to sit and rest, and take in the view of the towering rock formations that surround the plunge pool. Swimming up to the waterfalls can be a challenge as you have to fight the current to get up there, to then be pelted by the water falling down on top of you, but an amazing experience non the less!

We recommend bringing goggles with you as schools of small Barramundi swim around your feet as your enter the water, so don’t worry about the nibbles on your toes, it’s just the small fish and they won’t hurt you.

On our last trip, we decided to take the track to return to the car park (Allow 20 minutes) and walked through the forests. Almost stepping on top of a friendly but rather well fed lizard at a creek crossing, we found the walk lovely and although it took a bit longer, it wasn’t as anywhere near as strenuous as walking back up all the stairs.

Best for:

  • Snorkelling underwater
  • Amazing views
  • Wildlife
  • Walking Tracks

What to bring:

Take sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent as we found the mosquitoes to be as big as flies! Swimming goggles are a definite for Florence Falls, as the Barramundi below your feet are something you don’t want to miss!

How to get there?

Florence Falls is no more than a stone’s throw from Buley, driving will take you about 10 minutes.

#3. Buley Rockhole

This was my favourite place to visit in the Litchfield National Park. It’s beautiful, with clean cascading waters that flow over the rocks into deep swimming holes. The water temperature is perfect for a swim & never to cold. Buley Rock Hole is only a few minutes away from Florence Falls, but experience is completely different.

The rock holes cascade down the sloping forest and form a huge range of natural rock pools with fresh water gushing through. Up top, are the shallower rock pools that attract smaller crowds, perfect for relaxing and meditation! As you get down further, the pools become deep plunges where you can swim & jump in from the rocks.

There are plenty of spots to enjoy a ‘spa like’ treatment, letting the rushing water wash your aches away! Sit back and enjoy the massage!

Best for:

  • Small Groups
  • Relaxation
  • Avoiding the crowds
  • Cooking lunch
  • Open all year

How to get there?

From Darwin, it’s only an hour and a half travel, so perfect for the weekend getaway if you’re local and also fantastic for visitors looking to get out of Darwin city to explore the natural beauty of Litchfield
National Park.

Buley Rock Hole is 2WD drive accessible and there is plenty of parking only 5 minutes from the rock holes. Open all year round, camping is available with toilet facilities only and camping fees will apply

What to bring:

Apart from towels, bathers and sunscreen, pack yourself an esky and bring some snags and burgers as there are public barbeques available.

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