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Discover the Belgrove Distillery

  • Belgrove Distillery

From Spit Buckets to Sheep Poo, the local resident revolutionising the way we distill our spirits, Peter Bignell has hand crafted one of Tasmania’s most unique distilleries from the ground up.

Built with a focus on being self sustainable, a deep passion for the finest whiskeys and big heart for the environment, Peter Bignell & his Belgrove Distillery have been heralded one the best producers of Whiskey in recent times. It has become a must visit for any Whiskey Tour from Hobart, whether on a group day tour or solo traveller.

Located about 45 minutes north of Hobart, Belgrove Distillery is quietly located in the back of his thousand acre property. Having turned his old horse stables in a operation reminiscent of a mad scientist creating moonshine, it only takes a few seconds for Peter to win you over with his passion for the trade.

We know Belgrove Distillery doesn’t have the empowering building that most distilleries or vineyards strive to achieve, but it has more heart and soul than any other distillery, vineyard or brewery I have ever seen. Grant Touring want to take you here, because we know when we’ve found something special and we know when it’s something the world needs to discover.

  • Views on life

Peter Bignell out the front of his Belgrove distillery

Everything here has a story, the rusted industrial tumble dryer with hose connections & charcoal smoker, the triple sized wine barrels outside the front door, relationships with Mood Foods and his sons T-Bone Brewery and even the way he repurposed an old horse stable into an incredible distillery.

Belgrove hates the idea of waste, from left over vegetable oils to the point where they realised wine tasters would spit out wine after tastings into buckets. Those buckets would usually be tipped down the drain, until Belgrove decided there was value in the wine, despite the added saliva of hundreds of people!

  • Organic

A lot of Belgroves whiskeys and spirits use open fermentation, which means the there is no air locks and natural yeast can form, similar to a sourdough bread. The idea of this in the distillery business is almost unheard of, because the risks of contamination are high if done incorrectly.

The farm tractor runs throughout summer on drums of vegetable oil From the local Mood Food truck stop. An old industrial tumble dryer sits on the side of the stable where the grain is heated and soaked, causing the grains to sprout just barely which means the grains are peaking with sugars. This ingenuity, along with raising the dryer for a wood smoker to sit underneath is incredible.



Hand crafted copper boiler.

Sheep poo.

Trading Barrels.

Scotlands 15 years beaten by Tasmania’s 3.

  • Spit Wine 


  • The Verdicts

‘Liquid Gold’



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